Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dorian Concept - [2009] When Planets Explode


Dorian Concept - [2008] The Fucking Formula 12'' Vinyl


Dorian Concept - [2008] Maximized Minimalization 12'' Vinyl


Dorian Concept - [2008] A TrebleO Beat Tape


Dorian Concept - [2006] Seek When Is her


Dorian Concept - [2005] Nouns And The Relevance Of Wood


lenskap said...

you are a really cool guy, this blog has made me find some awesome music. thank you is not enough. you can stay with me if you ever come to india!

another question-
name a few of your favourite albums and artists from your list please! would really like to someone who has heard all this!

M3 said...

Really when it comes down to it I would have to say that my favorite group posted on this site is bar none Boards of Canada, and of their albums I especially like "Geogaddi."

Other favorites of mine that are posted on this site are Prefuse 73's album "Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives," Cold Legistics' "Deeper Than You Think," anything and everything by Colleen, as well as Odd Nosdam, Deceptikon and Meaty Ogre. But of coarse its all good music in my oppinion or else I wouldn't have posted it.
Also, pretty much everything that I put in my compilations are songs that I really enjoy listening to. Thank you so much for enjoying this music. I hope its changed your life for the better. Oh, everyone should listen to Villain Accelerate.


Gábor said...

Thank You for the upload!